Greg Osei

Singer, Songwriter, Interdisciplinary Artist



Mind. Body. Voice. 

Every person is made up of various, interrelated parts that are often in tension with each other. This is no less true for the artist. My experience has shown me that a greater understanding of the relationship between the elements that make us who we are can be used to make great creative and professional progress.

In my work with my clients, I strive to find each artist’s unique “in,” the keys to his or her advancement. For some clients, a physical movement or a corporal position helped unlock their performative potential.  For others, it was a matter of uncovering, for example, preconceptions about singing loudly (which was a discovery I made on my own personal artistic journey). Still others just require a different way to think about what they are singing or direction with respect to what resources to use when. It is often surprising how the obstacles that we face in our creative development are not technical ones. The same holds true for songwriting and any other part of the creative process.

The voice is an extension of the self, and the self is the coming together of complex components. The Song Doc is centered on this view of the creative voice as a part of a larger whole and remains conscious of the larger whole as that voice develops. No two people are the same, and there is no single avenue to creative advancement. My work is to help guide artists along a path forged specifically for them.