Greg Osei

Singer, Songwriter, Interdisciplinary Artist



Nourish Your Unique Voice. 

Group classes are comprised of 4-5 singers of all genres looking to develop, refine, and maintain their performance skills. Given the vigorousness of the courses, participation is limited to advanced singers and in rare cases intermediate singers with considerable raw talent.  

In order to foster community and commitment, group classes are offered in one-month packages.

To be considered for one of the classes, please submit 2 voice recordings and information about past singing experience to


The Singular Performative Voice: Singing Like Only You Do

A weekly 2-hour session that takes the essentials of a private vocal coaching and places them in a group setting with one key twist; all participants sing the same song, regardless of each singer’s individual style.

This course focuses primarily on coaching each student to develop a strong take on the "song of the day" while remaining faithful to his/her personal style. The group setting opens each participant up to the broad interpretative possibilities of every song, as they watch their colleagues craft a personal performance using their own unique performative language.

Some of the aspects of performance and interpretation that are discussed in this course include:

  • Note Precision
  • Phrasing and Structuring
  • Expression
  • Through-line and Storytelling
  • “Riffing” and Improvisation
  • Tone Color and Vowel Usage
  • Acceptance and Appreciation of Vocal/Creative Individuality 

Contact for more information.

$335 / 1 Month (Four 2-Hour Sessions)