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Singer, Songwriter, Interdisciplinary Artist



The doctor is in session.


What Does The Song Doc Do?

The Song Doc is a vocal coach and a songwriting consultant.  Whether his clients are developing material for an album, getting ready to perform, preparing for an audition, or honing their talents in general, Greg Serebuoh, The Song Doc, provides artists with assistance, guidance, and support within several realms. Greg coaches singers to use their vocal skills, technique, and expression to take their performance to the next level. He helps songwriters refine the language, phrasing, melody, and harmony of their songs. He also writes and edits content, from websites and press kits to album liner notes and artistic bios, for artists of all sorts. 

The Song Doc offers private in-person consultations, remote sessions/Skype coachings, and group classes.

If you're an artist with raw talent or considerable experience, and you're looking to make an investment in a serious pursuit of your craft, contact The Song Doc to talk about the specific ways he can help you build the confidence in your work and your abilities that you need to maximize your potential. 

Email to schedule a consultation or find out more. 


What Exactly Is a Vocal Coach? 

The words voice teacher and vocal coach are often used interchangeably, but they are actually very different things.  

A voice teacher is concerned with teaching vocal technique and health. Proper breathing, jaw, tongue, and throat relaxation, efficient resonance, and all other technical aspects of singing are the domain of the voice teacher.

A vocal coach on the other hand is concerned with optimizing the performance and interpretation of songs. Though a vocal coach may touch upon questions of technique (as a voice teacher may touch on questions of interpretation), the focus of a vocal coaching session is not technique but style and interpretation. Phrasing, improvisation, use of expressive tools, pronunciation, and all other interpretive aspects of singing and performing are the domain of the vocal coach.

The Song Doc is a vocal coach. Because of the specialized nature of vocal coaching, it usually makes sense to work with a vocal coach after already having a good handle on the voice and vocal technique. The Song Doc works with intermediate to advanced singers in popular music genres willing to invest in taking their performance to the next level.


Who Is The Song Doc?

Greg Serebuoh is a singer/songwriter, performance artist, and a trained vocalist in various styles with years of experience as a vocal coach and musical director. He works with a wide range of styles from musical theater and folk to modern pop and gospel, and he specializes in r&b, soul, and jazz. He is also fluent in Spanish and can coach Spanish-language material as well. He graduated from Yale University with degrees in Music and Theater Studies, and he has a passion for music, a love of words, and a genuine desire to help fellow artists reach new heights.

Find out more about Greg's own artistic work here.